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Currently we need a number of contractors with one tonne vans to cover our Sydney Metro runs

All Sydney areas


Central Coast, Wollongong and Blue Mountains.

You can apply for this position if you have the following requirements:

Valid Work Visa in Australia

Good and friendly character 

Able to manage a team

Must have your own ACN or be able to register one in 2 months

Reliable white one tonne van

Experience not necessary but you must be a fast learner

About the position  
Please read carefully before you apply

Skyway Express is a fast-growing same day courier service provider located in Sydney, Australia

We service companies across the entire Sydney region. We transport anything from envelopes and parcels up to 25kg from anywhere to everywhere in Sydney. Our large customer base ensures volumes which provide a good and stable income to all contractors employed by Skyway Express. Our model ensures that you make the highest amount of money possible per week.

You have to start every morning in your specific area , deliver the parcels and pick up more jobs and bring them back to the warehouse by 12 noon, Pick Up your second run and go back to the area you cover. 

You can approach new customers and build up your run (our professional sales team will take care of you at all the time, You just have to introduce them as potential customers)   


We pay a great amount of the price that our customers pay us to drivers, That means as you get more customers you make more money. 

We don't have expiry dates in our contracts so you can have your run as long as you want. 

You can also sell your contract to someone else, We do not charge you any percentage but we have to approve the new owner (they must meet our minimum requirements)


We DO NOT sell our runs but you might need to pay for your own equipment and software.

We can offer you an small guaranteed income to cover your expenses but you should be able to make $1400-$3000 pw after few weeks, as we said you have to build your own run ( of course we do have huge marketing and sales plan like advertisements, professional sales team, free gifting system for customers and many more but you are the face of company and you can help to reach more and more customers) 

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